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5-Lesson Plans

Hitachi works with UC Berkeley an Georgia Tech to create instrument and lesson plan opportunity for teachers K-12:

Lesson plan:  Exploring Nanotechnology

Explore the tool and how teachers and students use the Hitachi TM3000 to excite and enhance science in their classrooms.

Lesson plan: Soil Contamination Project:

Excellant  - Five week study with 6th Grade, 2007 incorporating SEM/EDX as part of the study.

Download the PDF by Andrea J. Harmer (her report) for full project content.

Lesson plan: Nano Waterproofing, grades 6-12, 3-45 minute sessions

12 page PDF: content/uploads/2009/11/nanowaterproofing.pdf Southwest Environmental Health Sciences

American Society for Microbiology:   Creating a website of Reusable Learning Objects for Lesson Plans 

 Lesson Plans:

A Laboratory Class Exploring Oral Biofilms and the Contamination of Toothbrushes

Seeing Is Believing - Impact of New Scanning-Probe Microscopes

Lesson plan:    Model for creating a size wheel to understand Macro, Micro, Nano sizes  (a bit elementary but middle school possible interest)  

Lawrence Berkeley Hall of Science


A study of at marine fossils and shells

Listed as an NSDL resource.

Nanotechnology Lesson Plans

Lesson Planet    [science lesson plans using scanning electron microscopes]

10 Lesson Plans using remote access SEM 208 resource sites for SEMs

List of all NASA High School projects which include SEMs including names of schools & students. (3 results) (7 results)  John Innes Centre, UK

SEM and other microscopy resources.

Ask a question to a biologist 

(Provides full Obj., Materials, Procedures, etc. - nicely outlined.)

Developed by IEEE as part of TryEngineering:

Duquesne University lesson plans:

Duquesne sophomore chemistry major Joseph Gault of Gibsonia, developed and designed a lesson plan for the SEM to be used by some local high school teachers. Gault's lesson, SEM Analysis of Aluminum Hydroxide, included a materials lists, background, objectives, concepts taught, information on the procedure and a worksheet for introducing high school students to the powers of an SEM, which they can access remotely.

Guided by Aitken and graduate assistant Kim Rosmus, Gault and others in the Bayer School developed modules to introduce high schoolers to an SEM. An introductory session looks at a penny through the SEM, teaching the power of the instrument that allows them to focus on Lincoln's eye and count all of the pillars on the coin's obverse.

A module developed by Sto-Rox high school student Emily Janicki examines and allows students to recrystalize table salt, lite salt and rock candy (crystallized sugar).

Metric and SEM Lesson Plan:  ready to use.

Biomimetics: clingy as an octopus or slick as a lotus leaf? A SEM is used to illustrate a butterfly wing as a segment of this study.