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1-Arizona, AA&EC HS, Paradise Valley:




The AA&EC high school bioscience program, in partnership with the Phoenix Zoo uses a Cambridge 360, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and DNA sequencer to focus on saving the endangered Chiricahuan Frogs of Southern Arizona. Recently the school acquired Cambridge 200 SEMs for each of the four AA&EC campus sites.  

2-California, Crossroads Middle School of Santa Monica

3-California, Ontario High School, Ontario, CA
Cambridge Stereoscan 360

4-Connecticut, Hill Regional Career Magnet HS school's EM:


Zeiss EM 109 was donated to this school by Yale University in 2000.  Joseph Antol, maintained the instrument as well as trained teachers and students in its use.  The instrument was shared with students from other high schools in the area.

Hill Regional Career High School - 140 Legion Avenue New Haven, CT 06519  

Phone : 203-946-5845 Fax: 203-946-5949    

http://opa.yale.edu/news/article.aspx?id=5471ale's EM Donation to Hill 

Regional Career Magnet HS (2000)




Justin Kraft, currently enrolled in a PhD program at Florida International University has donated a JEOL 840 and a Topcon ABT-SX40 to high schools in the Miami, Florida area where he taught science. He currently owns a JSM-35C and a JEOL 6100 which he is refurbishing to create a laboratory for training students and making instruments available for high school science projects. An article by Justin Kraft can be found in the Education Section of thee March, 2010 Microscopy Today Journal.


6-Maine, Lake Region Middle School

ETEC Autoscan installed at Lake Region Middle School in Naples, Maine

This SEM was donated and installed by Ken Converse, August, 2010

QUALITY IMAGES, 474 So. Bridgton Rd., Bridgton, ME  04009, 207-647-4348, 


7-New Hampshire, Philips Exeter Academy


An ISI 30 was used extensively by Jim Ekstrom who initiated the "Ugly Bug Contest", obtaining samples from young people across the country who sent samples in for SEM imaging with results posted on the internet.  The 'Contest' has been replicated at other schools such as the University of Oklahoma. 



8-New Jersey, Bergen County Academies HS


Bergen County Academies is unique with a fully operational STEM cell and Nano-Technology Laboratory.  The students work with professional scientists publishing articles jointly with institution such as the Sloane-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research.  Scientists have free access to their equipment if students are included in the projects and publications. They use an FEI Quanta 2003 D in their studies.

9-New Jersey, Pope John XXIIIRegional High School, Sparta, New Jersey

Hitachi S 530

In use.

10-New York, Haldane Central School


David L. Jones, who works as a Forensics engineer,  donated a Zeiss DSM 940A to Haldane Central High School in Cold Springs, New York. 

"The High School Science Department has a new addition, one that Cold Spring resident and materials scientist David Jones said could make Haldane shine within the whole Hudson Valley region. Jones, whose daughter attends Haldane, helped to arrange the donation of a Zeis Scanning Electron Microscope to the secondary science department. Science Department Chair Mark Patinella said he hopes the machine will give a larger view of science. Patinella said he and others rescued the microscope from the wrecking ball at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Patinella said the microscope, which new could run between $200,000 and $500,000, is being housed in the science prep room. Jones said the electron microscope will bring money and prestige into Haldane as Hudson Valley community members whose projects could benefit from using the microscope would come to Haldane. He said it would take six-to-eight months to get the microscope up and running and calibrated. The Board's Junjulas, for budgetary reasons, asked Jones to calculate costs for maintenance, and other items. Jones said upkeep would include having a Zeis technician come in about once a year to the tune of about $4,000."

All BOE members voted in favor of accepting the donation of the Zeis Scanning Electron Microscope to the secondary science department."  http://www.pcnr.com/news/2006-06-14/Front_Page/002.html

11-New York, Stuyvesant HS


12-Oregon, North Douglas HS



North Douglas High School in Drain, Oregon was one of six schools who were given access to a Table Top Scanning Electron Microscope by the University of Oregon. 

"The University of Oregon's TTSEM Science Outreach Program, in partnership with FEI Company, ONAMI, and the US Department of Energy, provides a portable table-top scanning electron microscope for teaching hands-on science in middle and high schools in Lane and Douglas Counties."  URL:  

13-Oregon, Valley Catholic HS

Technical Sales Solutions',  Hobbie Richards donated a Hitachi S-510 to the Valley Catholic High School in Beaverton, Oregon.  The instrument is located on the Valley Catholic Middle School Campus under the supervision of teacher, June Poling who trains and guides the students in projects which utilize the tool.  June has received the Outstanding Teacher State Award for her efforts.

 jpoling@valleycatholic.org; hobie@technicalsalessolutions.com; Tom@technicalSalesSolutions.com; and       matt@technicalsalessolution.com  


Page 10 2011 SEM course offered!

14-Pennsylvania, West Greene HS


RJLee Donated an ASPEX eXpress, benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope to West Greene County HS-Pa.  The high school initiated an 'UGLY Bug Contest' utilizing the SEM.  Students learn to use the instrument and apply its use in science projects within their curriculum.

15-Pennsylvania, Red Lion Senior HS

An ETEC Autoscan SEM at Red Lion Senior HS  was donated and installed by Ken Converse,

QUALITY IMAGES, 474 So. Bridgton Rd., Bridgton, ME  04009, 


16-Pennsylvania, Central HS


Philadelphia's Central High School is the second oldest public high school in the United States.  The school is a four year university preparatory magnet school.:  

On November 19, 2007, Philadelphia's Central High School was the first high school in the United States to receive an FEI Phenom microscope. The school's Minority Student Training Program will use the Phenom microscope to teach a group of 15 to 20 students accepted into the program from all ethnic groups, as well as for standard science courses at Central High. Betty Thompkins, a microscopist at Albert Einstein Medical Center's pathology department, founded the Minority Student Training Program for talented at-risk students nearly 10 years ago. 


The Phenom scanning electron microscope is currently owned and marketed by Phenom World, Oct. 23, 2007 http://www.phenomworld.com/page/5/10035/2009/2080

17-Abraham Lincoln HS, at the The Forensics Mentor Institute,  Willow Grove, Pa.


High school students attend the Forensics Mentor Institute and use the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to check for the presence of selenium contamination in patients and to study the effects of cocaine and other drugs on the morphology of hair in humans.

18-Texas, School of Science and Engineering Magnet High School (SEM)


2nd time 'National Blue Ribbon School' winner, 2011


Created in 1982 to increase minority representation in science and engineering this school has an Electron Microscope magnifying up to a million times used for biological research projects. An ultra-microtone is used to prepare slides by slicing specimens to one micrometer (0.000001) thick

19-Utah, Hunter HS

New instructor of SEM at Hunter HS:  Mr. S. Watson



A web-site presentation for an 'UGLY BUG' contest shows how your bug is processed, prepared, and scanned by the Scanning Electron Microscope at Hunter High School.


Home room page for Hunter High School

20-Washington, Hudson's Bay HS; Chehalis, Wa. (2013)


Article: Zooming in to Expand Minds; Hudson's Bay students use electron microscope.

Article from:
The Columbian (Vancouver, WA) 
Article date:
December 16, 2003
AMY MCFALL PRINCE, Columbian staff writer

Chehalis, Wa. November, 2013
The recent purchase and installation of a new $100,000 state-of-the art scanning electronmicroscope (SEM) at the high school allows students to conduct research in Materials Science,Life Sciences, forensic investigations, and Electrotechnical Engineering. Our students areamong the first in the nation at the high school level fortunate enough to have such sophisticated technology for STEM learning. Ed Rothlin, superintendent
 Purchased by the Chehalis Foundation for W.F. West High School. The Chehalis Foundation is generously supported by James Lintott and Orin Smith, both former W.F. West Bearcats.